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I'm also kinda confused about the PSAT thing so I went on the PSAT 2014 tag and what I understand is they're talking about the Grand Canyon and dolphins and stuff because it was part of a question or something on the test ?? An anon asked tumblr user "spoopycastiel" about it and they gave a pretty good explanation, if you wanna check that out (I don't know how far on their blog it is though)

Thanx I’ll have a look :)

I have two questions:


1) what are the skeleton wars and how/why did they start?

2) is the PSAT a real thing or is this just a large internet prank that I was not included in?

3) If the PSAT is indeed a real thing could someone please explain why people are talking about crimson leaves and the grand canyon, because I’m fucking confused?

What is all this stuff on PSATs? I’m kinda confused now. What does dophins and grand canyons have to do with anything? please explain!